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In this highly competitive world, building a career is a challenge even with the best of resources. The challenge is bigger for children who lack the economic stability required to receive desired education. Those who perhaps face the biggest challenge of them all, are children who are differently abled, and have to overcome both handicap and poverty to make their future.


Transforming lives through reading, education and inspiration!


India is a country with over six lakh villages. While basic utilities have become available at most places over time, the resources for good education continue to be outside the reach of most. Our goal is to strengthen these pillars and deliver valuable education where it is most required.

Achievements of ‘Deepstambh’ over the last 14 years

Even animals make sacrifices for their own offspring. But only those who can sacrifice their lives for others are humans. Today, after seeing the hard work and sacrifice of the teachers and social workers at Deepstambh, I bow my head with respect. This not just an effort but a quest, where some dedicated people are aiming to remove the weakness which even God could not remove. I give my blessings to the entire organization and assure my services and support till my very last breath. God will always be with you.

Shaurya Shashwat Shukla

Deputy Commissioner Income Tax , Nagpur

“ Shri Yajurvendra Mahajan is extremely passionate about his mission. His energy and training skills are very grateful to him for opening the door of competitive examination for the disabled which was hitherto closed to a team. We wish Deepstambh organization all the best.

Naseema Hurzuk

President, Helpers of the Handicapped, Kolhapur

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Be a Volunteer

Take participation in various initiatives to Deepstambh. Where we need help on a various level to organise events in rural level.

Be a Member

Share your experience and knowledge to the needy people. Take a part in our teaching and counselling initiatives to inspire people in rural India.

Financial Help

We want to grow and come with more initiatives to transform the lives of over 5 Lakh students by 2025, by empowering them with excellent quality eduction.

Objectives of Deepstambh Foundation

a) To Provide quality education & training to rural, tribal, blind, handicapped and economically backward youth.

b) To initiate libraries, reading rooms. E-guidance centres at villages.

c) To inculcate extra curricular books reading habit among the students and teachers.

d) To develop good human beings and great leaders.


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