‘Gurukul’, a residential training centre for students from impoverished, destitute situations. Many of these belong to families of labourers and some them don’t even have parents.

While economic disparity is a key concern in rural regions, there are additional factors that further intensify the situation for several children. Gurukul, a residential training centre for students from impoverished, destitute situations. Many of these belong to families of labourers, in some cases a parent is an invalid, addict; some come from broken homes, some are children of devdasis while others are orphaned. Deepstambh’s meaningful interventions in the lives of students in rural areas has enabled them to aspire for higher education and growth opportunities. Here, they can prepare for the competitive exams, irrespective of the financial status of their families.     

Initiative Advisors

Dr. K.B.Patil    Leenatai Mehendale    Indrajeet Deshmukh   Dr. Rajendra Bharud (IAS)

Testimonial of Renowned Dignitaries & Student

“I live in a tribal area of Chopada taluka called Umarthi. Umarthi is situated in the mountain ranges of Satpuda. My father cannot see. My mother work in the farm. I was selected for Karmveer Bhaurao patil Scholarship Scheme of Deepstambh under which i was provided residence, food and training for free of cost for 1 year. Because of these facilities and guidance, I could become a Sales Tax Officer. My parents can’t even understand what I have achieved. Now, students belonging to tribal areas like me can fulfill their dream of becoming a government officer with the help of Deepstambh.” Nirmala Premsing Pawara


“First of all, I thank all members and donors of Deepstambh from the botton my heart. If Deepstambh hadn’t helped me in time I could have never recovered from the greatest trauma of my life and continued my education. I am from vazar (Tal. Jintur, Dist. Parbhani)We live in abject poverty. In June, my mother was burnt alive by some villagers over an argument about one acre of land. I lost my mother. My father could never recover from this shock. He is unable to do any work. The situation was complicated and abysmally sorrowful. I was feeling completely lost. At this time Deepstambh gave me a helping hand Along with training for competitive exams, it made all other facilities available. now, my caste, religion, parents everything is Deepstambh in becoming an officer I want to protect the good and eradicate the evil tendencies in society.” Dropadi Tulasiram Pajai


“I am proud of being an integral part of Deepstambh foundation. This is the unique project in Maharashtra, where students from the downtrodden section are selected and trained free of cost just for improving the social imbalance in the society.” Dr. Rajendra Bharud

First IAS from Tribal Community

Let’s make the difference together.

Deepstambh is purely a non-profit organization and largely depends on the small donations made by the general public. The amount you donate will be utilised towards our initiatives to provide education to specially abled, orphan, tribal, and rural youth.