‘Manobal’ means to ‘the strength of mind’, and Manobal is established to address this grave concern, and to ensure that these special students could leverage their capabilities and will power for a happy and confident life.

In this highly competitive world, building a career is a challenge even with the best of resources. The challenge is bigger for children who lack the economic stability required to receive desired education. Those who perhaps face the biggest challenge of them all, are children who are differently abled and have to overcome both handicap and poverty to make their future. So, it’s hardly surprising that very few differently abled persons rise to a high designation in private or government organisations; especially so in rural areas. These blind or otherwise handicapped students so not receive the proper guidance, channels, resources and motivation to fulfil their potential. Adding financial challenges and lack of awareness sets these gifted students back.

Manobal translates to the strength of mind. Manobal is established to address this grave concern, and to ensure that these special students could leverage their capabilities and will power for a better life.   

Initiative Advisors

Krishnagopal Tiwari (IAS)    Nasima Hurjuk    Ratanlal C. Bafana       Bhavesh Bhatiya    Alpana Dubey

Testimonial of Renowned Dignitaries & Student

My village Kavathe-Ekand, Taluka Pachgaon Dist. Sangli. I lost my 100% vision when I was 18. After completing BA in Marathi Literature, the question was what to do next. There was no hope for me, no guidance. At this crucial time, I got the information of Deepstambh Manobal Centre and I was selected for free stay, food and training.  Currently, I am preparing for STI/ Bank PO exams. Along with braille and audio library, I am getting study facility and guidance for competitive examinations. Thanks to the guidance of Mahajan Sir, I am more confident and will surely be an officer.

Mahadev Ramchandra Patil


“My parents are farmers. I got polio when I was 5 years old and was disabled. I had many difficulties in life and was not sure whether to live or die. I was depressed with sorrow and sadness. While studying I got admission in Deepstambh Manobal and it changed my approach to life. Currently, I am preparing for STI. My aim is to defeat my disability and be an officer. I thank Manobal Kendra for giving me new life and also the donors who supported this cause. ” Reena Kailas Barela


When I heard about this unique project of Deepstambh for the first time, I was extremely happy. Such kind of work has not happened in India until now. Hence I associated myself with Deepstambh Manobal. If I had got such facilities and guidance when I was struggling for education, my difficulties would have been reduced.” Krishna Gopal Tiwari

India’s first blind IAS

Let’s make the difference together.

Deepstambh is purely a non-profit organization and largely depends on the small donations made by the general public. The amount you donate will be utilised towards our initiatives to provide education to specially abled, orphan, tribal, and rural youth.