Rural Education Revolution Center

The importance of education, experience, proper resources, guidance and a promising career in the rural India. The goal of this initiative is to strengthen these pillars and deliver valuable education where it is most required.

India is a country with over six lakh villages. While basic utilities have become available at most places over time, the resources for good education continue to be outside the reach of most. Congested home, regular power-cuts and household work are among the many reasons that prevent children from studying. With hardly any encouragement, education takes a back seat, and at times discontinued altogether. The situation is even more daunting for girl children, who are expected to help with household work as well. Given these circumstances, the importance of education, study, proper resources, guidance and a promising career is lost. The goal of this initiative is to strengthen these pillars and deliver valuable education where it is most required.

The Rural Education Development Centre constitutes the following elements:


Including school and college curricular books, career development books, competitive exam books and general reading. Special books and magazines for ladies are also available, in addition to a wide collection of e-books.

Study Rooms

Separate rooms are available for boys and girls. Time is well-regulated, and the environment is calm and conducive to focused study. They are also equipped with inverters so that students can continue timely studies without any interruptions.

Counselling Center

On Sundays and holidays, experts from various fields come to speak and guide about a variety of subjects, which include education, career and personality development.

Testimonial of Renowned Dignitaries & Student

“It is crucial that the young generation, especially those residing in rural areas, gets proper guidance at the right time, because their future depends on it. Deepstambh strives tirelessly to this end. Not just counselling and guidance, but they have clear plans for the methodologies of teaching and the way students should learn as well, which they have implemented successfully. Yajurvendra has taken a great leap in a young age. A region like Khandesh truly needed this revolution. A dream that began in Jalgaon has today proliferated across Maharashtra. Best of wishes for all of Deepstambh’s future endeavours to succeed.” Padmashree Neelima Mishra

Winner of the prestigious Magsaysay Award for social leadership

Let’s make the difference together.

Deepstambh is purely a non-profit organization and largely depends on the small donations made by the general public. The amount you donate will be utilised towards our initiatives to provide education to specially abled, orphan, tribal, and rural youth.